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This week, Lee Harrington is joined by educator Scott Thomson! They cover how to make safer sex both sexy and fun, as well talk about the cross country trek they took and all the great people the got to interact with - including a state trooper.

Scene music on today's episode is the song Mine from the album Into The Abyss by Pocket Universe

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This week, Lee Harrington shares his passion around the topic of age play, which he sees as "any sort of role play that includes an age component". It might be a much broader topic that you think! And, Lee also addresses how some people within the community respond to this concept in a way unlike how they respond to any other kink. 

Also, Lee talks about taking one heck of a road trip - and how you can be a part of it!  Plus, the secret of the Stinky Cheese Man…

Next month: Lee brings on guest speaker Scott Thompson, and they'll chat about making safer sex fun, as well as talk about sex, STI's, and all kinds of kinky sex goodness. 

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PS002 - Open Relationships

This week, Lee Harrington talks about all things non-monogamy. Starting with exploring a break down of open relationships, polyamory, emotional monogamy, and all kinds of other combinations, Lee also shares examples from his experience though his non-monogamous life. Plus jealousy, valuing the variety of relationships, security, and how to ask for a really yummy date.

Then Dan & dawn share a cup of tea with Lucar and PolyAnna as they tell us about there new polyamory themed website, "an album of experiences with non-monogamy, polyamory, and modern love"  

You can find all the links to everything talked about in the show notes at and at

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This week, Lee Harrington introduces our new host - Lee Harrington! Lee also introduces the opportunity to ask a world renown erotic educator and gender explorer your questions. And Lee explores if we all have our own stories to tell. And how to tell it. 

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