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Whether it is something silky and secret we are wearing underneath it all, or something shiny we are strutting for the world to see, clothing is a powerful tool for erotic exploration. After discussing roleplaying and exhibitionism, surrender and empowerment, Lee dives into the topic of fetish wear and sexy clothes for men. Having clothes (or their removal) serve a role in our sex lives is something that everyone should have a chance to enjoy. Get dressed up, get dressed down, and dress for desire!


Originally released as Erotic Awakening Episode

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Ever have erotic or personal connections that leave you drained? People you engage with that wire you up, or leave you feeling icky? Let’s look into energetic compatibility, resonance, compatibility, and consensual psychic vampirism. Lee Harrington takes us on a journey through the question of what to be aware of when connecting on an energetic level with others – in scenes, in sex, and in life at large.


Originally released as Erotic Awakening Episode

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It’s the time of year where pumpkin pies start to come out and folks stuff themselves with food – so let’s talk about food, food play, and the wide variety of ways it compares to our sexual journey as a whole. We will remember our favorite foods (and kisses), discuss wet and messy play, explore blindfolded feeding and even get to consider food as BDSM. Let’s play with food, be present with one another, examine our memories, and find other truths about ourselves using food as a metaphor as well.


Originally released as Erotic Awakening Episode

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Though Halloween is a month and a half away, Lee just decorated for the season. It’s time to pause this time of year to reflect on the history of the kink community through the lens of those who have passed away, and our community history. From AIDS to accidents to time that has elapsed, we remember those who have gone before, clearing the way for folks to dress up in sexy dominatrix costumes during this holiday season. With sweet and sad stories alike, he dares you to take up the challenge of not forgetting where the current kink communities came from.


Originally released as Erotic Awakening Episode

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Which turns you on more - sensuously appointed bedrooms or debaucherous public dungeons? Lee Harrington explores the wide variety of places people enjoy sexual play, from private to public, and looking at what works for you. From the great outdoors to hideaway love hotels, swingers clubs to private rooms built in your home, let’s explore where works best for you.

Places and Events Referenced:
The Floating World – Edison, NJ -
KinkFest, Portland, OR - 
Power Exchange, San Francisco - 
The Studio Dungeon, Chicago -
Love hotels -
Lee’s Upcoming Events/Appearances:
Lee Harrington contact information:!/PassionAndSoul


Originally released as Erotic Awakening Episode

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It’s summertime! Having done kinky camping events for well over a decade, a bit obsessively so, Lee takes you through his packing lists, proposals, concepts and ideas on how to make your kinky camping as successful as possible. Is licking bug spray a good idea? Do people really bring inflatable hot tubs when they camp? What can you do in the woods that you can’t do in the dungeon? What do I wear? Sharing stories along the way, we journey from backyard BBQs to outdoor fetish festivals, and remind each other to stay hydrated.



Originally released as Erotic Awakening Episode

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Episode Notes:
Kinky Camping Events Mentioned:
Beltane (Maryland) -
Dark Odyssey (Maryland) -
Summer Bash (Albany, NY) -
Camp Crucible (Maryland) -
FetFest (Maryland) -

Some other kinky camping events I have personally enjoyed that I did not mention:

Paradise Unbound (Seattle) -
Camp OUT (West Virginia) -
Twisted Tryst (Indiana and Wisconsin) -

And more listed here - ... and look around in your area!

Other Links:

Liberator throw -
“Summertime” by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince -
“First of May” by Johnathan Coulton, ASL version -
Inflatable pool ball -
Inflatable hot tub -
Leather encasement bag -

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With Shibaricon the week this podcast goes/went live, Lee takes some time to reflect how far the event has gone since its debut in 2004. 10 events later, it has become the hub of a rope bondage community that did not exist before its inception, speaking volumes about how if just one person has a dream, and takes actions towards it, it can change so many lives. From memories and funny stories to connection and play, Lee dances with rope on his lips and lays out a few bits to chew on along the way.
Episode Notes
Rigger Mortis recounts the history of Shibaricon- 
(My memory has confused the details of 3 years of events it seems, and conflated a few details.... please read his fantastic summary!)

Shibaricon –
International Mr. Leather -


Ayem Willing - 
Rigger Mortis - 
Dov -
Madame Butterfly -  

*Note - Numinous (Jack Daniels) coined the term boola-boola for “the Japanese knot” in 2002. Sincere apologies for the mis-crediting.

Lee’s Upcoming Events/Appearances:

Other Stuff:
Paul Arden’s “It’s Not How Good You Are, Its How Good You Want to Be” 
What is a Heart Circle -

Lee Harrington contact information:!/PassionAndSoul


Originally released as Erotic Awakening Episode

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Having just gotten back from the Kink LINCS conference, Lee dives into leadership in the community, as well as connecting with one another. From issues around oppression and racism in the scene, to looking at our authentic desires, the road winds through moments of tears and laughter alike. Fundraising, event production, the pros and cons of a National Kink Coming Out Day, compassionate communication, leather contests… we open up a door to what LINCS stands for – Lead – Inspire – Network – Connect – Succeed.


Originally released as Erotic Awakening Episode

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Welcome to the edge of random known as the internet. After being randomly struck recently on his trip down internet lane, Lee takes you on a journey into the internet through four searches: “BDSM,” “Rope Bondage,” “Italian Salad Dressing Fetish,” and “Frog Porn.” Along the way he discusses bondage passion and safety, modern art installations, transgender issues, kink 101, zip ties, and more. Let’s take a romp, and see where the tubes lead us!



Originally released as Erotic Awakening Episode

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Axe (from the ever-kinky MasoCast) joins Lee to dive into his journey through submission that started off leading him by his orgasms, and helped him find his inner desires and interests along the way. That’s not to say the orgasms are a thing of the past… at all. He shares his struggle with explaining power exchange to folks outside of kink, trying to find compatible people to connect with, and fear around losing a dominant partner because of love. By the end of the episode, Axe even shares tips for men pursuing female dominants that he learned the hard way. Let’s look at how service to others can lead to finding a sense of self, and how a nice guy from a small town found himself amongst the maze of want-ads and bathtub cleaning scenes.



Originally released as Erotic Awakening Episode

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