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In this episode of Erotic Awakening, Lee Harrington interviews Lady Pandion, Scott (Silent1), Doug (yojimbo), Preston and Becky, after the 6 of them were part of the Sacred Kink intensive “Circles of Kink” in Ft. Myers, Florida. The conversation dances from event debriefing to personal exploration, fiber magic to intention building, community to connection, costumes and candles, and so much more. Join this herd of seekers and kinksters, shamans and healers, switches and witches as they dive into their hearts and share them with you.

Circles of Kink Interview – Episode Notes
Three of those Interviewed:
Lady Pandion :

Events Mentioned:
Circles of Kink:

Sacred Kink: The Eightfold Paths of BDSM and Beyond: 

Lee Harrington contact information:!/PassionAndSoul 

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