The Passion And Soul Podcast by Lee Harrington

Erotica author Daphne Matthews joins Lee Harrington for a discussion of writing sexy stories, indulging the senses, and connecting with others. From favorite authors to having discretion when talking about the scene, they playfully share how kink is not a competition and that we all have the capacity to be exactly who we are during our explorations.

Daphne Williams


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How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change (Directed by John Fox):
Curating Sexual Literacy with The Pageist, podcast episode:
Marketplace Series by Laura Antoniou:
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“Are You A Morning Person or a Night Person” (on mis-matched libidos), by Martha Tara Lee:
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“Can body-based rituals cause altered states of consciousness”:
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 Backed Into a Hand by Daphne Williams

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