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Italian sexuality expert and author Ayzad joins Lee as they discuss how our sexuality and private lives are inherently political, especially in the face of oppressive governments. They talk about universal concepts vs. cultural contexts, and how they inform sex, and the flaws of porn being read as fact, rather than fiction. The only sex educator in Italy subjected to Parliamentary Enquiry, and author of BDSM: A guide for explorers of extreme eroticism, Ayzad opens up perspectives on connection useful for us all.

Italian Sex Expert Ayzad


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“Porn is fiction, not a documentary.” - Ayzad

Artist shows porn stars without their “look”:
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 “Every mammal has in-built instinct for dominance and submission, but socially we have been taught to disregard them in sexual contexts.” - Ayzad

Shin Nawakiri’s Essence of Shibari by Shin Nawakiri –

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