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Sex educator, spirit worker, and body rights activist WinterSong Tashlin joins Lee Harrington for a discussion about having hot kink and hot sex for those of us with a variety of disabilities. He shares ways to still top when your body won’t let you throw a whip, concerns on Tourette’s and bondage, and personal stories of his own journeys too. Everyone deserves a hot sex life, whether in a wheel chair, living with neurological differences, or simply being your fantastic self.


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FetishMissionary’s Essay on training someone in a chair:
Alfred Press:
Broken Toys: Submissives with Mental Illness and Neurological Dysfunction:

Mastering Mind: Dominants with Mental Illness and Neurological Dysfunction: 

Kneeling in Spirit: Disabled Submissives:

Hell on Wheels: Disabled Dominants:

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Broken Toys- Subs with Mental Illness:

The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability: For All of Us Who Live with Disabilities, Chronic Pain, and Illness:

Sex and Disability:

Peer-reviewed journal "Sexuality and Disability" (abstracts are free, articles can be purchased individually)

Power Exchange Books: Playing With Disabilities:

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