The Passion And Soul Podcast by Lee Harrington

It’s summertime! Having done kinky camping events for well over a decade, a bit obsessively so, Lee takes you through his packing lists, proposals, concepts and ideas on how to make your kinky camping as successful as possible. Is licking bug spray a good idea? Do people really bring inflatable hot tubs when they camp? What can you do in the woods that you can’t do in the dungeon? What do I wear? Sharing stories along the way, we journey from backyard BBQs to outdoor fetish festivals, and remind each other to stay hydrated.



Originally released as Erotic Awakening Episode

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Episode Notes:
Kinky Camping Events Mentioned:
Beltane (Maryland) -
Dark Odyssey (Maryland) -
Summer Bash (Albany, NY) -
Camp Crucible (Maryland) -
FetFest (Maryland) -

Some other kinky camping events I have personally enjoyed that I did not mention:

Paradise Unbound (Seattle) -
Camp OUT (West Virginia) -
Twisted Tryst (Indiana and Wisconsin) -

And more listed here - ... and look around in your area!

Other Links:

Liberator throw -
“Summertime” by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince -
“First of May” by Johnathan Coulton, ASL version -
Inflatable pool ball -
Inflatable hot tub -
Leather encasement bag -

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