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Having just gotten back from a whirlwind trip of the American south, Lee reflects on scenes and music, and how they touch upon our hearts. The trip also took him to the WWII Museum, which spurs discussion of the fetishization of Asian cultures in the BDSM community. We look into white privilege in a kink context combined with playing with what might seem “hot” when we don’t understand its cultural context. Let’s root our erotic journeys into authenticity by bringing consciousness to our play.


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Les Bons Temps:
House Je Te Vois:
Same Love by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, ft. Mary Lambert:
S.J. Tucker:
Wonders Album:
Catherynne Valente:
Valkyrie Daughter by S.J. Tucker:

The National WWII Museum:
Japanese Internment Camp:
George Takei’s Story:
White Privilege by Macklemore:
Shibari You Can Use:
Mollena Williams:
Spirit of Desire (featuring the race play story mentioned):
Black Face at the Eagle issue:

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