The Passion And Soul Podcast by Lee Harrington
PS040 - Gender Journeys and Pleasure Rights

This week, Lee Harrington (@passionandsoul) presents - Sharing what we want during sex can be challenging, but having bodies that are different than our identities can add an extra layer of challenge. In this podcast we look at the language and experience of transgender sex, and how to get more of what we want from sex. From exploring our bodies as if they were new to sitting with what to do if life hiccups come in the way, Lee takes us on a walk through his own struggles and provides conversations for everyone to consider, no matter your gender journey. Because we all deserve pleasure.
Links Discussed: Bare Naked Ladies: What a Good Boy - 
Storm and the Balls: 8 Miles Wide - 
Center for Sex and Culture - 
Carol Queen - 
Judgement Free Healthcare Trans Resource List -

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Originally released as Erotic Awakening Episode

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