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With Shibaricon the week this podcast goes/went live, Lee takes some time to reflect how far the event has gone since its debut in 2004. 10 events later, it has become the hub of a rope bondage community that did not exist before its inception, speaking volumes about how if just one person has a dream, and takes actions towards it, it can change so many lives. From memories and funny stories to connection and play, Lee dances with rope on his lips and lays out a few bits to chew on along the way.
Episode Notes
Rigger Mortis recounts the history of Shibaricon- 
(My memory has confused the details of 3 years of events it seems, and conflated a few details.... please read his fantastic summary!)

Shibaricon –
International Mr. Leather -


Ayem Willing - 
Rigger Mortis - 
Dov -
Madame Butterfly -  

*Note - Numinous (Jack Daniels) coined the term boola-boola for “the Japanese knot” in 2002. Sincere apologies for the mis-crediting.

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Other Stuff:
Paul Arden’s “It’s Not How Good You Are, Its How Good You Want to Be” 
What is a Heart Circle -

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Originally released as Erotic Awakening Episode

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