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Spirit worker, witch, artist, and educator Tommie StarChild joins Lee for a previously unpublished podcast. Recorded at the end of 2017, StarChild shares their life journey that led to their call to authenticity, a path that goes beyond the boxes that spiritual and sexual communities find themselves locked in. Exploring “ecstatic bliss and ecstatic fear,” they look at the nature of our inner spirit, and how self-awareness allows for an exploration of gender that lay beyond the form we are given at birth – including the revelation of our inherit inner fruit and inner/outer Jell-O essence. Dive in deep and be inspired in this playful, thought-provoking, and intimate opportunity for reflection and learning alike.

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"To be authentic is to act without question."

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"I would no more define myself by my right arm or my left foot, so why would I define myself by my cock and balls?" - Tommie StarChild

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